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Dominate Search Engine Rankings with the Link Wheel!

The link wheel is a powerful SEO strategy to boost your search engine rankings and attract highly targeted visitors. Since more than 85% of all web traffic comes from search engines, it is crucial that your website ranks well on them.

The basic idea of link wheels is to create a pattern of links that naturally flow from one Web 2.0 site to another to complete a wheel. Each Web 2.0 site on the link wheel also links to your site. These links form the “spokes” that unite at the “hub” in the center of the wheel. The “hub” is your “money site”, the site you are promoting.


The link wheel, when executed properly, is an exceptionally powerful way to boost search engine rankings for your target keywords. Let our team of experienced SEO experts create a highly effective link wheel to help boost your search engine rankings for just $12.95!

First, we create 15 links from PR3 to PR9 Web 2.0 sites, each linking to another Web 2.0 site and to your website (the “hub”). We then create 60 additional links from article directories to your site.  Finally, we generate link juice to all links with over 2,000 social bookmarks.  What you get is a powerful link wheel that will help boost your search engine rankings for your target keywords.

What You Get:

  • 15 Links from PR3-PR9 Web 2.0 Sites
  • 60 Links from Article Directories
  • 2,000 Social Bookmarks
  • Panda and Penguin Safe
  • Full Report Upon Completion